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Ptsd/divorced, but in my case, it took almost literally two decades to be able to let go of my daughter and heal: today she turns 20 but parental alienation meant judges gave me worthless court orders and that led to her mother thinking she could do no wrong, so three times I had to plead to our daughters grandparents,

What stars does my daughter fall asleep by at night??!

And if I get testy about late night amber alerts, here’s essentially why: My daughter’s situation should have been very straightforward cut and dry and I went by the book, as any who know me know me to do, but I also encounter some of the worst coincides known to mankind –anywho: the night I woke up in the middle of the night to not knowing where the heck my wife and our daughter were, and her parents lying to me to my face about not knowing, but themselves harbouring them 9 hours away, and that I even took the care and empathy to explain that if I did not bring an emergency motion within that time period, it would be unfair not only to myself in acquiescing that it would be unfair to our daughter because it would essentially make the legal statement that I was not interested in playing an active role in her life as a parent. I emphasized that in no way did I mean it to come as a shock but since I didn’t know even days later where they were, it would be served on her appearing to be attacking her, when in fact, I certainly would never.

But for the same understanding of her emotional development (my fault in somehow thinking a marriage that essentially began when she posted that I was her crush on the hullabaloo message board.The situation, without going into details, essentially began–coincidentally–on September 10th (2003. It was actually already a very meaningful date for me because when I finished my MBA I began interviewing in new York city for investment banking positions: Barclays capital and I was already with CIBC world markets at the time, the first time I flew down for an interview, ground zero was still smouldering, too. But it’s ironic that I know now 💯 that it would have killed my spirit to be trapped in something so diametrically opposite to my very nature–so, now, decades on, I’m not only at peace with that first life the first parental alienation campaign bulldozed to the ground.

punching the soccer coach for benching your champion prizewinning showkids became confabulated with “parenting” and “leading by, setting good example.” Anyway, I must be tired; that always happens when I myself work too late and yield the mic and I’m like “I said you could for like 5 min while I unwind and settle for bed and here still going on like a million hours laterAnyway my point was originally, PTSD is one. Two, three, four, and five.