Demoncrazy: Treating cancer with a Band-Aid®️

You guys are so caught up in it all that you can’t see: as Matthew tried to explain to us, a bad tree cant bear good fruit, and the bad tree here is capitalism, demoncracy–the pillars of society made of cancer that you want to salvage by treating with a band aid…And even then, as long as they remain the foundations of society, you expect a better outcome later?

No, you’ll only bring upon us all an even bigger challenge when you put it off…Everything you think of as evils are actually consequences by our own hand that we bring upon ourselves…

If you think psychology, when we make an attribution error because we’re unable to face what we did wrong to contribute to an outcome, this is how all of us are projecting the consequences of our own folly on anyone but issues ourselves: if it were an individual and you see them motivated by being competitive–externalizing their own inadequacy–and they will ultimately be outcompete by someone motivated by self actualizing–doubly so will they be left behind in the dust the self actualizer is also found their true Calling through aligning their strengths, aptitudes, experiences, gifts with their life path because the competitive motivated person is in a rush to learn and do, doing the minimum to win, whereas the one in their Calling synergizing their gifts, will learn everything about their trade whether they win lose or are bedridden.

How can we know that people have different gifts and still want involve everyone in planning or to be able to vote out someone who has gifts to be able to take a glance at society and intuitively know what indicators mean what and why in a complex chaotic system: the worse conditions get, the more bad the medicine will taste and even fewer people will be able to see why the remaining remedies –all of which beginning more austere and uncomfortable–and all societies must tend to that end because the smallest initial problems in society, sure, maybe the average person can be convinced that they have to go through it, but as the problems continue with a bad foundation, very quickly you will see that the only remaining set of alternatives that can save them become get severe until the point the cancer is terminal for society and if you still want democracy at that point you will see pandemonium and you know the convoy was the preview and COVID was our freebie in helping us with a stalled economy so that we could gut the system and fix everything butWe condemned ourselves when we just couldn’t wait to go back to the way things were…Miserere nobis, omniootens +Deus.

And forgive them, Father, for they’re terminally retarded. A man.