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Opting Out of Demon-crazy: A right only immigrants have. Too bad I was born here… - Neurodivergent Eschatology

Opting Out of Demon-crazy: A right only immigrants have. Too bad I was born here…

They are free to do business as they choose and I thought our code of ethics (I realize that as a photographer and not a Realtor this may not apply to you) it explicitly explains something that Jordan B. Peterson probably didn’t read in his physiologicst code of ethics I’m guessing they also have an explicit restriction on social media impropriety under “conduct unbecoming”…?For me, I mean it’s less conduct unbecoming and more of an integral part of our competition Act and a consequence of a free market that unfortunately caused ab lot of people to never even realized their specific set of gifts and talents and weaknesses and complete and utter inabilities somehow escaped the axiomatic “everything happens for a reason,” and had they spent even a modicum of time and effort to do a thorough job analysis breaking down their chosen occupation to its component competencies required, knowledge, skills involved, and quantitatively assessed their own unique set of those traits, they’d have realized God had already engineered a specific maximally fulfilling (one cannot but feel fulfilled when they are using all their talents that they are 32,768x better than anyone else at –all in synergistic conjunction with each other, and also consequently, with maximum healthy pride in their works and creations & not the pride that is actually a misidentified form of insecurity…..You just happened upon a particularly compelling exemplar of what I just expressed, in comparing she contrasting one who has better aligned what God built them for with one who didn’t: And the clear necessity to highlight more of these as well as awesomely successful examples is no more clear than the evidence that people still have a completely illogical and narrow minded notion fueled by what collective loss of our way as a society is essentially leading us to the natural conclusion of same, and MORE people need to do such a clear, sincere authentic job of exactly what you just did, John Hansen !I am certain if we don’t turn into the warning to the rest of the Galaxy and somehow wisen up before becoming ATLANTIS v2.0 (though we’re a CHALLENGER with an Mulligan, we’re turning out more like a COLUMBIA and going to not-crash but burn if we stop and realize capitalism and demoncracy are so ilogically based on ideals that are self defeating unless we’re an ant colony or herd of sheep, all the same and not different in either born talents nor in the time we spent choosing to spend exactly the same amount of time effort and get the same strengths in the end.That’s totally insane to even think; yet, just last night I heard again another podcaster drawing a comparison between “do they think we’re not smart enough to make our own decisions and manage our own collective fiscal policies? Of course, he didn’t actually refer to each of us being a small part of Canada’s fiscal policymakers, but he’s fundamentally an idiot if he thinks every Canadian is equally informed of, interested in, has the will or time or ability to plan their own budgets let alone contribute to planning a countries ‘:And I’m not talking about every man for doing 1/30 millionth of Canada’s budget; I’m saying INTELLIGENCE IS NOT A LINEARLY measured thing, as he seems to treat it; he speaks as if in saying “does the government think we’re not smart enough to <anything>” that is like an IQ test you’re either smart or not: totally ignoring the absolutely obvious fact that we’re all different in levels of ability, interest in, time devoted to learning, specialisation, or even interest in participating or contributing our ignorance of such things by our communities and politicians guilting us into doing our civic duty–But civic duty to what??If I vote on issues I have no training in, no interest in, no time to have learned about much less applied in various potential contexts, analyses of these issues in the context of everything I don’t know and don’t have time to know then it should be no surprise that when we’re all guilted into playing a part on voting at all, that demoncracy (spelling intended, to express how like everything else evil, it is so seductively perfect looking at the surface) we have built and now packed in our handbaskets, just waiting for AI, or aliens, or our own messed up economies, or a meteor that we decided wasn’t worth our time to prepare for, or an environment that……….I do want to “opt out,” but here’s the most ironic part of a democracy; I was born here. I asked them please deport me. They treated it worse than an immigrant who can at least get deported to opt out.