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Right Tool for the Right Job… - Neurodivergent Eschatology

Right Tool for the Right Job…

“Scale” is relevant: it’s relevant for the same reason that the emergent antisocial motivations that can arise from the dynamics within and between sociological constructs can no more be examined or treated by using the tools that are applicable to lower order complexities any more than you would use F=GM1m2/r^2 to calculate the force of gravitational attraction between atoms in a chemical reaction–that is not to say that gravity is not present and affecting atoms in a reaction: it is just that gravity is completely overwhelmed in the next higher order complexity domain, chemistry, which is characterised by the dynamics affecting interacting oligo-particles, or small numbers of particles.

Likewise, you would likely not use pKa to determine the interactions in receptor-ligand or enzyme kinetics-governed interactions–and neither should, then one expect to look to eating small molecules to treat things like depression or schizophrenia (again, applying a lower-order complexity domain to try surgically modulate a higher-order complexity-dominated interaction and expect to be able to use that to predict outcomes); similarly, you have structures of whole organisms (psychology), and higher order still: sociology. It is in this domain that you find the spiritual emergent footprints of our God and is more analogous to trying to apply chemistry and biochemistry to barbarically modulate behaviours & moods or social interactions when computer scientists are barking up their b-trees when they are totally not operating at that complexity domain.