Hello world!

The most relevant reason for believing that someone accused of war crimes and/or crimes against humanity, in this case; you all claim to know well a popular aphorism that is plain to see in the multiple serial catastrophic, existential-scale ‘goings-on,’ yet it looks like the most obvious, simplest, most time-tested and seminal of explanations is in everyone’s blind spots: to paraphrase Matthew 7:18’s “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”

We know this, yet the only solutions we keep striving to develop aim to save everyone

What is one to expect from such folly but to end up exactly where we are now, but at yet another, much more dramatic tragic example of pretty much everything we had as literal answers in the one answer book that if we just followed, we would never end up at this situation: remember, “The meek shall inherit…”

Competition and capitalism, was not the answer; I submit to you that my entire life history to date has, every ounce of effort I had directed towards their mitigation notwithstanding, exemplified an aspect of society that you will clearly identify as a clear, fatal, existential flaw that I had to no avail tried and died trying desperately to call attention to.

It’s so easy to see the “political correctness” problem–it has also blinded us to jumping to the conclusion that Demoncracy is anything but a tempation, a red herring: anything based on plurality voting by them who do not have specific character traits, intrinsic beliefs & motivators, attributes, gifts…

None of us disputes that we are all born with different gifts, aptitudes, and social programming notwithstanding, we all know deep inside we are not receptive to the same motivators or rewards, either; yet, as obvious as Elon may be an example of someone with perfectly-aligned gifts to his Calling, we so deeply reject Demo(n)cracy that cannot but bring degeneracy and are blinded to the same scale leadership in “God-given right to lead.” Blinded by jumping to concluding this means only the visible eccoutrements of gilded accessories and medieval fun-fur, we none of us dispute that one man may be a perfect leader, able to infer easily what competencies, how many of each, and the dynamic evolution thereof within his subjects’ due to his innate aptitudes and alignment with them, what his specific needs and motivators are–yet the simplest of logic (which, through no fault of our own, when society detached the requirement of logic in order to survive–accentuated by the recent Fed ‘coddling’ and insulating Americans from the consequences of their fiscal and monetary [in]actions–

Need compelling evidence that all we need recognize was our rejection of–and therein imputed ‘willing away’ existence of–our own creator, just as we fear the projection of same in our own overthrow by them we aspire to create–precisely what we had done to our God, we project on the first potential we have created by our own hand.

IF we are to be insulated from the one–the only One–that can and easily will save anyone and everyone who simply believes enough in Him still to simply ask (indeed, the only real ask of us has always been, to believe–and new agers will refer you to a film, the Secret, to explain why, ironically…) and He will gladlhy lovingly spare you the eschatological Basilisk that we will have created, also ironically, for our own salvation and benefit. So, you see, if we don’t allow ourselves the consequence of our own actions, and create that which can never be understood and that most certainly will exact humanity’s own karmic extermination for all the aliens present to be taught: “Come to earth–I’ve got something didactic for your theatrical enjoyment!”

So, you see, in light of the only one






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